Suriname Jazz

Suriname Jazz

Suriname Jazz

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Jazz Music is a mixture of different elements of music, with its roots found in the music traditions of both Africa and Europe. It is a genre of music that is listened to by people of all cultures and ethnicities. Suriname, being a country of diverse cultural heritage has celebrated this wonderful genre with its very own Suriname Jazz Festival since 2002.

Jazz has been extremely popular in the fifties and sixties in the previous century. Not only in Europe or North America but also in Suriname. A country that boasts a rich culture, which comprises African, Asian and other interesting elements. The immense popularity of Jazz music in Suriname has inspired the founders of the Suriname Jazz Festival to organize this yearly event.

As it is, Suriname is a unique country with a multitude of high graded cultural elements. The organizers of the Suriname Jazz Festival soon realized that the rich Surinamese culture in combination with jazz music would offer a unique musical blend to the world.

The organization believes exists that because of the unique Surinamese ingredients, the visitors and participants will experience an unforgettable delight that will be remembered long afterwards.

The Organization
The Stichting Suriname Jazz Festival (Suriname Jazz Festival Foundation), was founded in Paramaribo, Suriname in September 2002.

The Foundation has the following objectives:
a) To ensure that the Suriname Jazz Festival develops into a large, internationally known event covering a number of days, attracting international participants.
b) To stimulate the musical education of particularly the Surinamese youth.

The first Board of the Stichting consists of the following persons:
• Drs. Jan van Charante – Chairman
• Mrs. Cheyenne Uiterloo – Secretary

Music & Education
Rachel Kasketi

PR & Marketing
Jean-Luc van Charante

Finance & Sponsoring
Xaviera van Bosse